Our mission is to provide employment-ready micro training workshops to our clients to build a stronger community

Core Values For Our Clients

Build a strong community
Equal opportunities for new immigrants
Giving Back
To help the local vulnerable population
Operate with solid moral and ethical principles
Inclusive to anyone who needs our help

Mission Statement

To provide life-changing coaching, training, and support to all Canadian citizens specializing in youth, new immigrants, and indigenous peoples; preparing them for employment through empowerment workshops, coaching, and the development of skills. We believe well-being should be accessible for all. Self Rise Training Society provides resources for every person, in every stage of their journey.

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What Our Clients Say About Self Rise!

My SelfRise instructor has coached me over the years of such difficult times I was facing such as life changes and not excepting the aging process and perimenopause. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t have made it this far to see this amazing life. 


My Instructor at SelfRise taught me that everything begins with me and it is this fundamental principle that has allowed me to take ownership over my life and happiness. That has empowered me and allowed me to show up more fully and take responsibility for what happens in my life.


My instructor’s ability to share compassion and knowledge with her class was invaluable during the lockdown as her platform allowed us to connect and look after our mental health.

Saras. R